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About Zibo Vocational Institute

I. About Zibo

1. Profile of Zibo

Zibo is located in the center of Shandong with a long history. It is the ancient capital of Qi, origin of the lonely studio and football as well as the famous city for porcelain. Linzi, eastern part of Zibo, was the capital of Qi for more than 800 years and is the national renowned city of origin for civilization of Qi; additionally, it is acknowledged the origin of world football by the international football association. Zibo is also the homeland to Pu Songling, who is the writer of the lonely studio and the master of literature in Qing Dynasty. Zhou village in the western part of Zibo is the well-known dry port and also the vital business harbor in northern China during Ming and Qing Dynasties and one of the starting point of Silk Road in ancient China. Villages renowned for water scenery in the north part of Zibo boasts of gorgeous views while mountain regions of the south part have two national forest parks and groups of karst caves stretching out dozens of Li. Zibo is one of the five porcelain capitals in China and is called “contemporary national top craft”, with high-quality porcelain, porcelain carving art and inside-bottle painting of excellent standard.

2. Scenic spots

Historical Museum of Qi, Museum of Chinese ancient vehicle in Linzi, Football Museum of Linzi, China Porcelain Museum, Pu Songling Memorial Museum, Ancient Business City of Zhou Village, Lu Mountain National Forest Park, Scenic spot of the cowherd and the girl weaver, etc.

3. Festivals

Celebration for the year, International Porcelain Expo in China (Zibo), International Tourism Festival of Fairy Tales, Culture Tourism Festival of Qi, etc

4. Cuisine and special products

Sesame seed cake of Zhou village, Boiler of Zhou village, Spring roll, Crisp dish, Bean curd box,  Inside-bottle painting, Inside-bottle painting, Carved porcelain, etc.

II. About Zibo Vocational Institute

Zibo Vocational Institute (ZBVI)is a government-sponsored full-time higher vocational institutes and one of National Demonstrative Vocational Colleges.

Zibo Vocational Institute, with the planned area of 3000 mu (200 hectar) , is divided into 3 campuses and covers an area of 2000 mu (137 hectar). Currently, among 1,300 members of the faculty, 57 people hold senior academic titles and 318 people hold deputy senior academic titles, of which 27 have doctorates degree and 428 have doctorates and master’s degree. Presently, the institute has over 26,000 full time students. It has 19 faculties (schools) and 71 higher vocational specialties in industry, business, medicine, art, foreign languages, social undertakings and so on.

With the rapid development of international cooperation and exchange, ZBVI has established academic relationship with 46 colleges and universities from 12 countries such as United States, Russia, France, Australia and South Korea. There have been more than 170 students from United States, Russia, France and Cameroon studying Chinese and culture in our Institute. ZBVI provides a good opportunity to study in China by opening short -term classes as well as long-term classes.

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